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    Google Data Interoperability


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  • Fixing Data Interoperability

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BigLMS is an additional LMS that is integrated with Ed-Fi and Google classroom to produce two very powerful LMS’s to work with. This forms part of the Edsun toolsets.

3 Things To Know About Edfi LMS

A learning management system or LMS facilitates the e-learning process. It supports face-to-face learning and online and blended learning solutions that help eliminate the traditional siloes in the learning systems and get better results. It provides a flexible learning solution to help stakeholders improve productivity and save time and money. An LMS functions as a centralized database to store e-learning materials, incorporate customized reports and dashboards, and get insights to facilitate decision-making.

Edfi LMS functions as a one-stop solution to deliver training material to students, administer assignments and tests, track the students' progress, and manage their records. The LMS thus enables the stakeholders to access continuous support to make the learning model more effective. Edfi LMS is tailor-made to support and amplify the educational processes.

What is Edfi?

The Edfi alliance supports schools to achieve data interoperability and empowers the school leaders to make data-driven decisions. It enables the stakeholders to access high-quality, meaningful data and create robust decisions based on comprehensive data that is actionable accurate, and secure. The Edfi data standard seeks to harmonize the education data systems traditionally cut off from one another. It helps the school leaders to get a full picture of students and the educational environment.

What is Ed-fi LMS?

The Ed-fi LMS toolkit enables the school districts to unlock, simplify, and use data from K12 instructional systems. Instructional system data has gained more critical importance than ever to understand students' progress. The three main steps involved in data-driven instruction include data collection, data analysis, and action. Data collection involves gathering information from class assessments and standardized tests to create a database. Once the data is collected, it is analyzed to draw conclusions and formulate teaching plans. It helps the school leaders to take the necessary actions.

LMS thus helps to lay the foundation to improve teaching efficiency and foster continuous development of learners using data. It also helps to track their progress and access detailed reports in real-time. LMS in delivering eLearning courses helps cut down costs and get better results.

What are the use cases of the Ed-fi LMS toolkit?

The LMS toolkit is use-case-driven. It serves the following use cases:

The Ed-fi data standard brings together the various systems in the education platform. The LMS solution helps assess student engagement level in course work. It then combines this information with data gathered from other vital systems. The comprehensive data enables the administrators and teachers to make robust decisions and boost the students learning and development.

The LMS toolkit enables school districts to mark attendance. This is exceptionally helpful in the remote instructional system.

LMS makes it convenient for learner to schedule their own training. It also enables the administrators to track who has taken training and those who have not and remind them to take the necessary actions accordingly.

The LMS solution thus makes it possible for learners and educators to collaborate efficiently and boost the learning processes. It will help to improve the growth and development of students.

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