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Online Instruction in Computers

Google Classroom


Computer Science
Grade: 5
Type: Online
Duration: 30 minutes
Introduction to Microsoft Word

Minimize, restore, maximize, and close buttons.

percy lesson2a

The minimize, restore, maximize, and close buttons are located on the top left of the Word window.

Learners have to locate and open the Sample worksheet and to go through, minimize, maximize, restore, and close actions.

Horizontal and vertical scroll bars.

percy lesson2b

Show learners how to scroll up and down and back and forth in the Word window.

Learners practice scrolling.

Title Bar.

percy lesson2c

Introduce the title bar.

Menu bar

percy lesson2d

Learners must experiment:

  • How to use the File/and File/ Save As Dialog box
  • How to Insert Tables, Pictures and shapes

percy lesson2e

The Print dialog box

percy lesson2f

The Home Tab

percy lesson2g

  • Learners can Cut, Copy, and Paste.
  • Format text
    • Change font face
    • Change font size
    • Change font type
    • Change font styles (B, I, U)
  • Change paragraph alignment
    • Use bullets
    • Use increase/decrease indent


  • Design your own Certificate of Completion.
    • Your certificate must have the following information
    • Certificate of Completion awarded to (Your own Name)
    • The reason for the award: (Completion of Introduction to Microsoft Word)
    • The Schools Logo (To authenticate the Certificate)
    • The signature of the Educator and School Principal
    • Date of completion

Total 20 marks

Assessment Criteria Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Learner's Level
Using a word-processing application Unable to use application at all. Use is limited, often inappropriate and/or incorrect. Basic and mostly correct use for simple tasks is evident. All required tasks are expertly executed with advanced ICT skills.  
Formatting text Unable to format text at all. Attempts to format text but with limited success. Can perform basic formatting by selecting font style and size. Expertly formats text, making full use of font options.  
Inserting an image Unable to insert an image at all. Attempts to insert an image but with limited success. Is able to insert images. Inserts images quickly and proficiently, showing advanced skills.  
Positioning an object/ image Unable to position an object/ image by adjusting the layout and wrapping style of text. Attempts to position an object/ image by adjusting the layout and wrapping style of text but with limited success. Able to position an image by adjusting the layout and wrapping style. Proficient at positioning an image; displays advanced skills.  
Renaming a file/ folder Unable to rename a file/ folder at all. Attempts to rename a file/ folder but is unable to do so without assistance. Can rename a file/ folder as required. Expertly renames files/ folders, showing confidence and advanced skills.  

Download the Lesson