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    Fixing Data Interoperability


    Educational Solutions Unified Network

  • Google ClassRoom

    • Sync EdFi data with Google classroom
    • View Google Classroom from the Visual Dashboard
    • Google Forms, drive, assignments, grade book, Tracks

    Google Data Interoperability

    google classroom


    Optimize Education

    • Student requests
    • Class size
    • Early warning
    • Chronic absenteeism

    With Data Interoperability

  • District Portal

    • Insights
    • Assessments
    • Google LMS
    • Visual Dashboard

    Google Data Interoperability


  • Mobile App

    Linked to EdFi and Google Classroom data

    Mobile Data Interoperability

  • Fixing Data Interoperability

    By integrating complex big data systems

    Big data integration

New York

In working with schools in New York which wanted to be involved in data interoperability we created a solution to convert the data into an Ed-Fi database for unification.

From there the schools have access to all the tools

  • Google Classroom integration
  • Absentee
  • Teacher Cover
  • Scheduler
  • Mobile App
  • Rostering
  • Stats and graphs
New York school Google classroom
New York google classroom