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Ed-FI Google Integrated

Yes, we have integrated Google Classroom with Ed-Fi – Yay!Google Classroom

As you may be aware, most of the States and Districts are using the very popular and successful Ed-Fi database for State reporting. Having Google Classroom integrate with the Ed-Fi ODS means schools can go live with Google Classroom very easily and be in sync with their school data.

You might know that Google Classroom is a unique and powerful tool for the educational system and teachers. The tool is used by many teachers worldwide to manage their class stream and send assignments, and share documents with the students. Therefore, we are very excited to reveal that we have integrated Ed-Fi with Google Classroom to create an integrated solution Ed-Fi Google Classroom. The solution can amplify the entire educational system and its related processes.

Integrating Ed-Fi with Google Classroom is an additional and crucial step from our side in our integration journey that can bring a much-needed change in the education processes. The Ed-Fi-powered educational technology can integrate with numerous educational systems, including student information systems, assessment software, rostering tools, grading tools, reporting technologies, etc.

Benefits of Ed-Fi Google Classroom

Following are a few of the many benefits that you can leverage by integrating Ed-Fi with Google Classroom:

Easy Classroom Creation

With Ed-Fi Google Classroom, teachers can easily and quickly create classrooms using the existing Ed-Fi database. The teachers just need to click a button, and the new classroom will be created and live in seconds. Also, the students will automatically receive an invite to join the class, and they will be added to the new classroom.

Saves Time

Ed-Fi Google Classroom is a huge time saver, and it saves a lot of time for both the teachers and the students. As teachers can quickly create classrooms, share assignments, provide feedback, etc., it saves a lot of their time which they can use in other management tasks and activities. Students can also benefit from the platform as they can access the classes anytime and anywhere, and that too from any mobile device, including phones or tablets.

Easily Accessible Classrooms

Another benefit that you can leverage with Ed-Fi Google Classroom is that both the students and teachers can access the classrooms from any device, including computer, laptop, mobile, and tablets using the browsers such as Google Chrome or others. It provides the flexibility to easily access the classrooms anytime and anywhere. Also, files uploaded by teachers and students on the platform are stored in a Classroom folder on Google Drive.

Go Paperless

It provides the opportunity for both the teachers and the students to go paperless. Teachers can now share assignments, tests, or exams with the students online, and students can work on them without using the papers, and the work will be saved directly to the drive. Classrooms will become entirely paperless with the solution.

We have successfully integrated Ed-Fi with Google Classroom.  And the results achieved have helped the teachers efficiently manage their classrooms and have provided a good and dedicated study environment to the students. Ed-Fi Google Classroom provides a platform for both the students and the teachers to achieve their management and learning goals.

Ed-FI google classroom picture