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    Fixing Data Interoperability


    Educational Solutions Unified Network

  • Google ClassRoom

    • Sync EdFi data with Google classroom
    • View Google Classroom from the Visual Dashboard
    • Google Forms, drive, assignments, grade book, Tracks

    Google Data Interoperability

    google classroom


    Optimize Education

    • Student requests
    • Class size
    • Early warning
    • Chronic absenteeism

    With Data Interoperability

  • District Portal

    • Insights
    • Assessments
    • Google LMS
    • Visual Dashboard

    Google Data Interoperability


  • Mobile App

    Linked to EdFi and Google Classroom data

    Mobile Data Interoperability

  • Fixing Data Interoperability

    By integrating complex big data systems

    Big data integration

Google Drive

As expected, you are linked with Google Drive, so all information displayed on a central dashboard is wrapped by the Ed-Fi school district data.

  • Link documentation from the Google Drive to assignments.  
  • Display documentation is a visual format.
  • Convert Google forms to PowerForms with the click o

    school google drive file

    f a button.

Google Classroomgoogle drive file