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Google Gradebook

Google Classroom

The Google Gradebook can be:

  • Viewed in different formats.
  • Exported.
  • Filtered.
  • Compared.
  • Color coded.
  • Show late turn in
  • Visual
  • Summarized.
Google Classroom


Benefits of Google Classroom Gradebook

A Google Classroom Gradebook is a valuable solution for educators to view and manage students' grades. As the name suggests, Gradebook helps record, monitor, and manage the grades and functions as a dedicated grading area that both the students and teachers can securely access.

To cover the milestone of data interoperability, we provide an integrated solution that incorporates the Ed-fi and Google Classroom Gradebook solutions to amplify the educational processes. Gradebook Google Classroom functions as a centralized location to enable a smooth workflow for assignments, feedback, and grading. Our solution supports Google Classroom Gradebook integration to overcome traditional data silos and bring various data systems together to deliver an accurate, real-time, 360-degree view of what is taking place with every student.

The Ed-fi-powered educational technology allows various technologies to connect seamlessly with a student information system, assessment software, rostering tool, grading tool, reporting technologies, and others. The Google classroom gradebook integration within this system helps track grades efficiently and leverage data from other systems to provide a holistic picture of students' progress.

Gradebook for Google sheets & classroom empowers stakeholders to uncover valuable insights from data. You can work seamlessly across the platform to enter students' course grades, calculate final grades, take attendance, generate and email reports. Gradebook in Google Classroom can be

  • Viewed in different formats.
  • Color-coded.
  • Show late turn in
  • Visual
  • Summarized

Gradebook in Google Classroom has the following benefits:

  • It allows you to see all students' grades in one place easily.
  • It lets you visualize which student is struggling instantly and prioritize the efforts without squinting over a calculator to calculate averages.
  • The grading system can be easily customized to suit your specific performance metrics.
  • It helps you to securely and privately communicate feedback to students.

We successfully integrate Google Classroom Gradebook into the educational model to boost student achievement and teacher satisfaction. The integrated solution opens up opportunities to use data for supporting a school's learning goals.