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For more info contact: Sheryl Neal
VP of District Implementation
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Texas State Reporting Readiness Ed-Fi V3.x

  • District: Get ready early
  • Reporting: Accurate Reporting to State
  • Administration: Insight and information
  • Administration: Gain Insight and Access to Information
  • FERPA Complaint
Student 360b

Einstein solved many problems by having the ability to visualize the problem.  He once mentioned that if you can visualize a problem, the answer normally can be seen as well. 

Student 360 view

Click on any influential factor to view it in more detail. 

Student 360

Project Scope

Level 1: 10 Slot – Fully Funded
Deadline: 15 Jun 2023

Action from district:

  • Schedule Zoom with Sheryl (VP of District Implementation)
  • API connectivity