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    Google Data Interoperability


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  • Fixing Data Interoperability

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Edsun PowerForms enhances assessments by:

  • It is now easy to bring mathematical fractions and scientific formulas into the forms.

  • Video recording is an important feature sometimes referred to as a confidence booster:
    • Students can record themselves while completing an assignment. The teacher can view the student’s assignment and the recording together to see the process and steps the student took.  
    • It is amazing how much more awake and better students perform when they are recording themselves. Their attitude changes. Students are much more confident and their assignments are usually done more conscientiously.  
    • It is also easy for teacher to track down why a student struggled with a certain question or assignment, what the reason and execution process might have been, as the students may have misinterpreted a question or task.
  • Language assessments can now be done easily with video recording.  A teacher can record an assessment such as a Spanish test where the teacher might say in Spanish: “What is the time?”  The student will then answer while being recorded.
  • PowerForms is brilliant, very powerful, and makes it is easy to create.  Color can easily be incorporated. Fun forms and games can be designed and created as an assignment.
  • Reward system reinforces our belief in focusing on positive things students are doing. Schools look for opportunities to reward or notice good work. Within the LMS, rewards will be shown when a student has done something exceptional. Often times to make life easier for the teacher, this is assigned automatically. As an example, if a student typically turns in his assignments late, we want to reward him when he turns an assignment in early.
  • Because of the Ed-Fi data and Google classroom integration, combining the data can give us wisdom and insight to make assessments improved and optimized. Intelligent analysis of each assessment checks for certain behavioral trends, for example, where assignment ent questions or answers may have been unclear.  
  • The more data there is, the more accurate the assessment predictor becomes. Having the integration of:
    • Ed-Fi data  +
    • Google Classroom +
    • BigLMS gives districts insights, power and control over their LMS management.
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